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PBR Light? Really?

Item: Pabst Blue Ribbon LIGHT Purchased: Given Worth to Me: Nothing, it’s Gone Price: What Didn’t know this existed. Well, it got DRANKED, so it technically doesn’t anymore… but why does PBR even waste time making these. Confused. Very confused.

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Show A Little Knee

Item: Matix Shorts (Waist 32) Purchased Given: July 2009, Cali Worth to Me: Nothing. I want to give them away. Price: Like $30 or something. California dollars. I went on a roadtrip the month after I graduated from college. This trip … Continue reading

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Birthday Backpack

Item: Epperson Mountaineering Daypack Purchased Given: April 24 Worth to Me: A gift–only selling if rent needs to be paid Price: Not Important My friends know me very well. Of those friends, few know me better than my friend Alex. She … Continue reading

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Rev. $$$

Item: Creflo Dollar Sleeveless Shirt Purchased: Almost Free Worth to Me: Everything Price: All The Moneys If you know who Creflo Dollar is, you understand how hysterical it is that I own (and am currently wearing) a cut-off Rev. $$$ … Continue reading

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Top 10 Lost and Not Found

Because of the continued success of the Stankoff 2011, my friend (and occasional voice of reason) Josie decided to mess with my brain a little bit and gchat me this message: You better follow up with some good stuff over the next … Continue reading

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Item: Eddie Bauer “Coat” Worth to Me: $50,000 Price: $20 Honestly, I don’t know what this piece of clothing is. It’s like a coat, but sort of jacket-ish, but has no buttons, which makes it sort of robe-y, but lacks … Continue reading

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Live. Free. Or. Die.

Item: New Hampshire License Plate, 1955 Purchased: Mar 19, BK Flea Worth to Me: $50 Price: $5 Completely unbiasedly, New Hampshire is the second best state in the country behind Georgia. After spending 4 years in this marvelously grimy/beautiful state, … Continue reading

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Pump Activation > Not Pump Activation

Item: Scotch and Bourbon Set Purchased: Mar 12, 2011 — BK Flea Worth to Me: Can’t decide.  It might be the coolest thing ever. Price: $40 Me and this lady spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the Brooklyn Flea market, … Continue reading

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The advertisements in Jet are somehow better than the covers.  They serve as time capsules and really give us a sense of what was really important for Black people between the early 70s through the early 90s.  What are those … Continue reading

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JET WEEK — Day 1 of 5: COVERS

Spending a week talking about a set of vintage Jet Magazines seems excessive, but let me explain where this passion is coming from. About once a month when I was wee, my mom would bring me to her hair salon, … Continue reading

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