My First Memory

Item: 1991 Atlanta Braves National League Championship Sweatshirt
Purchased: October 2007 — White River Junction, Vermont
Worth to Me: $500,000.00
Price: $4.25

In 1991, I thought my name was “Lambert” instead of “Rembert”.  I did, however, know that I was a Braves fan and that my favorite player was David Justice.

I don’t remember a lot of specific events before I was 6, yet I very much remember my Atlanta Braves.  I remember the “Worst to First” Braves going to the World Series in 1991 and “The Slide” in 1992. Having my two earliest memories being Braves moments makes this sweatshirt extra special. In addition, I’m on a mission to one day have the largest collection of Atlanta gear known to man, thus explaining why I wouldn’t sell the sweatshirt for less than 500,000 dollars.

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2 Responses to My First Memory

  1. eric says:

    right around the 3rd minute, there’s a tidbit about someone you admire and something uniquely ATL that requires further explanation:

    Otis Nixon’s wikipedia page is pretty terrific. He played for the U.S Cricket Team and is working towards his masters in Divinity. Perhaps you can convince him to start a 500 day blog, too.

  2. David Schmidt says:

    My first memory. Kirby Puckett, Jack Morris, Gene Larkin, and Charlie Liebrandt giving me and my family a reason for an impromptu championship parade in the cul-de-sac. The occasion? The 1991 World Series.

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