I Like Friends That Are Good At Stuff

Happy Tuesday from my current home, Harlemmmmmmmm.

Atlanta for 2 weeks was beautiful and further reminded me of all the unbelievably talented friends I have there. Over time, unless they get less talented in the near future, many of them will be featured on this blog.

Seeing that this is Day 4 of the blog (496 Days Left, I SEE YOU HUFFPO), I wanted to give it a week or so before rambling about a friend of mine, so that hopefully by then someone other than me, my mom, and my imaginary girlfriend read it.

One thing that will happen is at the end of each entry of this section, I will give a sneak peak of the next week’s featured person.

So, without further adieu, next week I will go on… and on… and on about:

Name: Sam Dew
Age: 23
From: Chicago
Currently Resides In: Atlanta
Talent: Lead singer, Cloudeater
Known For: 4 Years.
Did His Face Go Through Puberty When He Was 7?: Likely

No Más. Gotta save some for next week.

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