Screenshots are Important.

At work today, my very good friend arch nemesis current boss asked me to pull together some screenshots of particular education-based non-profits.


What’s important is the love I have for screenshots.  The moment I realized screenshots were even an option in my life was the moment everything changed.  Like photos, they capture specific moments in time, but there’s another element that makes them bizarrely wonderful.

As you will see in the forthcoming collection of screenshots, I usually am reminded to take one at a moment of extreme embarassment, extreme nostalgia, or extreme humor.  In addition to this, screenshots also do an impeccable job of illustrating the hustle and bustle, mutli-tasked lives that we live.  Okay, enough chit chat, let the screenshots do the rest of the talking.

My favorite screenshots, courtesy of the iPhone and the MacBook.

Sometimes iPhoto is mad racist with it’s facial recognition technology and assumes everyone darker than ‘Nilla Wafer is yours truly.

Sometimes iPhoto uses her powers for bad, but sometimes she creates friendship masterpieces without me even asking.

Sometimes you have to study for an Economics midterm while trying to figure out why Kanye put a paper-mache Michael Jackson float in the middle of a Klan parade.

Sometimes you’re just trying to listen to The Carter III when a trick puts a hit out on your life.

Sometimes it’s 6:59pm and, while checking your email, you find out Drake really wants to be your friend on Facebook.

Sometimes you are starting a roadtrip with a best friend and he asks you how much longer we have until Albuquerque.  Occasionally you respond with, “I’ll tell you when we’re 5 minutes away.”

Sometimes, in all seriousness, you become very interested in what Tank has been up to lately.  (He’s been nominated for 4 Grammy’s.  That’s insane.  I’ve never been more furious.)

Sometimes BRAVO asks you to text in a vote for the craziest Real Housewife of Atlanta.  Always. Vote. Phaedra.

Sometimes you are only 2 minutes away from one of the more epic buildups in recent music history and your song is rudely interrupted by Diddy.  (Diddy sent that to me, “Ben Hansen” is his new nickname.)

Sometimes you are a busy man and you have to juggle between your life emails, your work emails, and most importantly, your WHIPSTOCK 2010 emails.  It’s truly a gift and a curse.

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