Dipset Dipset Dipset Dipset


Item: 2006 REASON Diplomats Parody Tee
January 2007 — Atlanta, Georgia
Worth to Me:

There are few things I love more than The Diplomats, as individuals and as a collective unit.  I stand by the fact that “Hey Ma” is one of the biggest cross-over rap songs ever. Also, I’ve spent a significant percentage of my life watching this video from 2:20-on.

Basically, my obsession with Dipset made finding this shirt one of the most important moments of my Sophomore year of college.  I mean, it’s one thing to take a classic t-shirt design like the Ramones Tee and change it to John, Paul, George, and Ringo, but it’s a completely different thing to substitute “Johnny, Joey, Deedee, & Tommy” with “Cam, Jimmy, Freeky, and Juelz” while putting “Harlem World” in the middle.  Blasphemy & Genius.

At the time, I had no idea this shirt was a huge hipster collector’s item, but after reading more about the shirt and learning that Complex Magazine listed it as one of the “100 Best T-Shirts of the 2000s” I realized how much street cred I had by owning this tee. REASON has recently re-released the t-shirt for a limited time, so, while I respect anyone that scoops the redux and wears it around me, just know I can tell the difference.  I won’t call you out in public, but I might text you something rude.

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