Friends Blogs, Friends Blogs, Friends Blogs

I mentioned this in the “About” section of this site, but to reiterate, I have really talented friends.  Like, stupid talented. Even though we are all spread out and some I see quite infrequently, thankfully I can keep up with many through their various blogs.  Some update daily, some weekly, and some whenever they are inspired to post.

One Tuesday every month, instead of waxing all poetic-like about a singular friend, I’m going to highlight my favorite recent posts, links, quotes, and pictures my friends contributed on their various blogs.  They would never ask me to do this 1) because they’re too modest and 2) they know I’d probably make fun of them.  So yeah, boom.  Here we go.

-From UNTAPPED NEW YORK, an interview with film composer Nicholas Britell.  He composed music for New York, I Love You and cites Rachmaninoff, Philip Glass, DJ Premier, Just Blaze, Gershwin, Kanye West and Dr. Dre as his influences.  Too good.

-This line from Michelyah.  I support this plan 100%.

i will save money to finally get that studio apt for me and my dogs
i will be happy and look forward to work every morning….
and when i achieve this i will blow raspberries in who-so-evers face.

-From educatedGUESS.  Part 3 of the ever-growing wish-list of books by the smartest 23-year old I know. She might read them all by February.

21.    All Bound Up Together: The Woman Question in African American Public Culture, 1830-1900 by Martha S. Jones
22.    American Negro Short Stories    John Henrick Clarke
23.    Anita Diamant    The Red Tent
24.    Annie John: A Novel by Jamaica Kincaid
25.    As I Lay Dying    William Faulkner
26.    Atlanta: Race, Class And Urban Expansion by Larry Keating
27.    Baby & Other Stories (2010)- Paula Bomer
28.    Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays – David Sedaris
29.    Battling the Plantation Mentality: Memphis and the Black Freedom Struggle by Laurie B. Green
30.    Before the Mayflower    Lerone Bennett, Jr.

-From dustings, a video by Weapons of Audio, produced by my family SMKA, and directed by Dustin Chambers.  So good.  So clean.

-From DOORR. She shares a similar new years resolution of to me of investing in art.  She will probably go through with it.  I will probably use the money to buy more shares of Taco Bell.

-From The Humble Rumble.  About the insanity that is NFL Linebacker Channing Crowder.  If you don’t know who Channing is, inform yourself and click on the link.  If you do, this will make your day and click on the link.


The Stu Reid Experiment‘s first post of the year is about how Atlanta crushed the music scene in 2010.  Made me so happy.

-This oh-so true point from Everything is ablaze: Don Draper couldn’t come up with a brand that good.

SEARLES, ranting about coffee shop etiquette and re-heating coffee for suckers.  Also, this picture, the widely agreed-upon crunkest cup of all time.

ALSO, guess what happens when you put your thumb on the basketball?

It spinsssssssss.

-Finally, a post I did for a blog my cousin operates for her production company, The Bobbi Monroe Company. It comes in response to watching the worst television show I’ve ever seen, The Game on BET.

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