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While I do love the occasional link to an interesting article, photo, or song, the main reason I read many of my other friend’s blogs/sites is for the original content they are contributing to the interwebs. On top of that, many of these friends are creating, not behind a pseudonym or an alias, but with their own, easily traceable identity. I’m doing that as well, not because I don’t understand the risks of putting yourself out there (trust me, I do), but because I stand behind everything that is published on this site. Many of my friends are behaving in a similar fashion and I commend them for it. Here’s some of the best from the past week.

-Classmate and instant friend Michelle Young has just launched, Untapped Cities, an umbrella website that contains her highly acclaimed Untapped New York site with her other growing untapped franchises (Paris, New Orleans, Detroit). If any of those cities interest you and/or you are interested in cities and urban explorations in general, spend some time on Untapped. Just in the past week, great articles were posted about Paris Street Art, The Grand Tier restaurant in the Met, and taxi tipping etiquiette in NY.

-Last week, in response to an email, my super photographer/videographer friend Dustin Chambers told me, “what really moves me is the opportunity to photograph people, connect to people, and tell their stories.” Recently, he went on a exploration of Texas and recently published some of his favorite photos. Below is my favorite photo, but check out dustings for the full slideshow.

-Andy Suzuki is more than a friend, we’ve become family and there’s really no turning back now (we ate oatmeal from the same bowl, once). “The Method” (Andy Suzuki, Jason G, & Kozza) have a new single out, and it’s good. Super chill. Listen below and click on their website to download that song, and more.

-Even though it’s been out a while, Filligar latest album, The Nerve, is really good. Like, shockingly good. To put it in perspective, even though I know the boys quite well, I’m still cheap when it comes to buying music (I’m not proud of that fact, but it’s true). After hearing Filligar perform in Atlanta and rocking the faces off of my hometown crowd, I bought the album. The last album I purchased prior to that…Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Give it a listen, and then buy the album. And yes, Teddy/Pete/Casey/Johnny, I am going to Coachella, let’s run it back.

-I never thought I’d meet someone who reps their town and high school as hard I do. Then I met Modi, DCtoBC & The Great Progression creator, Sidwell Friends fanatic, and great friend of the aforementioned Andy Suzuki. He’s giving me a run for my money… daily. Anyway, although the dude is in an in-between stage with his blogs, he’s keeping busy. Watch below as he’s very candidly and awesomely interviewed by The Consensual Project about hookup culture and consent. And yes, Mr. Oyewole, I will see you at Coachella as well.

-Finally, a post from one of my favorite and most wide-reaching music blogs, The Stu Reid Experiment (named after our legendary friend, Stu Reid). This post, written by friend and TSRE co-founder/contributor Chris Barth, is about an artist, James Blake, whom both Chris and I independently had reservations about, but have since become converts. Watch the video below and read the post here. And check out some of his other articles for Rolling Stone, Forbes, Melophobe, and Pretty Much Amazing.

While not explicitly connected, all 6 of these people/groups have a common link: Their passion for music. Michelle plays extreme cello for critically-acclaimed band Kittens Ablaze, Dustin shoots rap videos, Filligar and Andy Suzuki and the Method are musicians, and Modi and Chris write music blogs.

I love it. I love music. I love friends.

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