Professor Bun.

I learned something today.  Something very important.

Before I woke up today, if you were to ask me to list the highlights on Bun B’s resume, I would have listed:

-1/2 of UGK, the 2nd best Southern rap group of all time.
-The number 1 representer of Port Arthur, Texas.
-3rd solo album, Trill OG, got 5 Mics in the Source.
-Maybe a Top 10 MC…of all time.

That’s it.  Nothing more.  But, as I mentioned earlier, I learned something important today.

Add “Distinguished Lecturer in Religious Studies” at Rice University to his resume.

To Clarify: Bun B. Distinguished Lecturer. Religious Studies. Rice University.

The Trill OG is co-teaching a class w/ Professor Anthony Pinn, entitled “Religion and Hip Hop Culture”, THIS SEMESTER (RIGHT NOW).  A press release was written about Bun, Pinn, and the course.  The Highlights:

-Class maxed out at 250 students.

-Bun: “It gives me a chance to pull people inside the world and take the curtain off the wizard, so to speak”

-“He [Pinn] said here often brings in ministers whose firsthand accounts are integral to the subject. He expects the same level of expertise from Bun.

-“Only one student asked Bun if he would accept a demo tape; Bun said he told the student the demo could be turned in along with the final exam at the end of the semester.”

-Bun: “Even though I’m teaching at 10 o’clock in the morning here at Rice, it’s still not my day job”

-Bun: “the reality is there’s not a lot of rap concerts happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

-Bun: “It only took one toga party for me to realize it was really going down at Rice”

Between Bun teaching Religion and Hip Hop at Rice and my girl Josie alerting me that she is taking a class on THE WIRE at Harvard Law… taught by the Trill OGletree, I’m beginning to question my graduate school choices.

Please know that I am, in no way, mocking Bun B’s distinguished lecturer position.  I would give up my friendship with most of you to take that class.  If you’re not convinced, watch this video, with Bun and Pinn, sounding mad professorial.

Columbia University, if you’re reading this, PLEASE bring Slim Thug to the Urban Planning Department for Fall 2011.  I’ve already designed his curriculum.  The class is, “Sustainable Zoning and Land Use Regulations for Boss Hogg Outlawz” (co-taught with Cory Booker).

I need this.

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1 Response to Professor Bun.

  1. DEZ says:

    I love this story.

    As someone who brought Hip Hop culture studies to UC Berkeley over 10 years ago, I’m excited to see more and more campuses embracing Hip Hop as a legitimate arena for study and analysis.

    This is good news, and only makes Hip Hop stronger.
    Thanks for sharing.


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