Come ON, AJC.

I remember a time, long ago, when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was a beautiful newspaper.  I remember walking to the top of the driveway, picking up the 45lb Sunday paper, and reading it from front to back while my mom cut out coupons.  It was a great resource for national news, local news, sports, the funnies, and the arts.

Fast-forward to present-day.  All those sections are still here, but something has changed.  In the same way CNN has become a news outlet closer to TMZ than The Wall Street Journal, the AJC has taken a transformation towards a small-town paper instead of the major paper of the Southeast United States.

While I still check the AJC Online almost every day, it’s almost more of a chore than an pleasurable activity.  If I want to know about national news concerning Atlanta, I won’t go to the AJC.  I go to the NYTimes or Planetizen.  If I want to know when Waka Flocka Flame is getting out of jail, all I have to do is go to; it WILL be on the front page.

This sounds like a joke or an exaggeration, but this scenario happened this yesterday.  After spending a solid 90 minutes in the gym sauna, I walked out and grabbed my least favorite newspaper on Earth, USA TODAY.  It was the only one left and I was pretty bummed. I started reading the front page and saw an interesting article titled, “Homeowners Face ‘New Normal’ in Housing Bust.”

Shocked that USA Today wasn’t running a front-page article about Halle’s racially-charged custody battle, I started reading the article.  On the right side of the article, there was a chart, a very, very, very important chart.  The chart, titled “Owing More Than Home is Worth”, listed the 30 counties with the highest percentage of households that have mortgages that are larger than the worth of the home.

Out of the nation’s 386 counties, 17 have over 50% of their households having larger mortgages than the worth of the home.  Of the bottom 30 (46.5% = #30, Hernando County, FL, 71.1% = #1, Clark County, NV), a mere 8 states are represented:

  • Florida = 12
  • California = 8
  • Georgia = 3
  • Nevada, Arizona = 2
  • Idaho, Michigan, Virginia = 1

3 are in Georgia, and 2 of those are Metro Atlanta counties (Clayton, #7 – 56.1%, Henry, #20 – 48.8%)

This is an extremely large deal, but somehow the AJC has yet to pick up on it.

What has the AJC picked up on, you ask?

Of course.

Come ON, AJC.  At least pretend like you care.  Just lie to me.  Puhleeeeeease.

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