Steve Harvey Is Doing WHAT?

This picture almost brings tears to my eyes, it’s so beautiful. The Steve Harvey Show will always have a large part in my heart.

Just take a moment and look at Steve.

Crispiest flat top ever, Beetlejuice suit, Stalin mustache… he’s killing it.


There he is again, backstage at The Original Kings of Comedy. Cedric in a dashiki, Bernie dressed like Blade II, DL being the worst, and Steve looking like the Panama Jack of Greenville, South Carolina.

I know Steve has done some other stuff, but these were my two main memories of Steve Harvey’s career, that is, until last night.

Last night I learned something:

Steve Harvey is hosting Family Feud.

For a very small, specific, weird segment of the population, this will be the most important news of your week.  It pains me to know this has been true for a while, and I’m only learning of it because of a video gone viral from a few days ago.  For any Steve Harvey fans, Family Feud fans, or fans of the way Black people react to drugs and/or church, WATCH IMMEDIATELY.

It’s too good.  I mean, the fact that this caption made it up on a Family Feud board is priceless.

Speaking of Family Feud, I’d be rude if I didn’t mention one of my favorite pastimes, that being to speculate how my friends would answer questions on the Feud.  A few of my favorite scenarios:

No lie, I would keep going at this for hours, but I have a job interview in 70 minutes and after just looking in the mirror, I look more like Ron Washington than Denzel Washington.



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2 Responses to Steve Harvey Is Doing WHAT?

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  2. Meka says:

    “Just take a moment and look at Steve.” … That was really hard to do with Regina standing right next to him (whatever her real name is..)

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