Item: REASON Purple ODB Tribute Shirt
January 2009, Rag-O-Rama, Atlanta
Worth to Me:
$7,500 & 6 Grills

I usually don’t wear shirts like this, but when we’re talking about ODB, all rules go out the window.

I wear this shirt on special occasions (Birthdays, Bat Mitzvahs, Job Interviews) because I fully believe if someone looks at ODB’s face, then looks at my face, I suddenly look more like this Malcolm and less like this Malcolm.

Don’t get it twisted, Old Dirty Bastard/Dirt McGirt/Big Baby Jesus/Joe Bananas was beautiful.  May he rest in peace and may my wearing of this shirt in public scare old White ladies put a smile on peoples faces across New York.

About Rembert Browne

NYC via ATL //// rembert.browne@gmail.com 500daysasunder.wordpress.com
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