This Week in Pictures

**Top 10, Feb 7 – 13**


Saturday, Feb. 12 — Prince & MacDougal, SoHo, NYC

“Aaron Burrrrrrrrrr (Gucci)”


Sunday, Feb. 13 — Ten Park Ave, Murray Hill, NYC

“Not Poverty”


Friday, Feb. 11 — 38th & Madison, Murray Hill, NYC

“Happy Birthday, Radric”


Monday, Feb. 7 — Starbucks, 118th & Frederick Douglass, Harlem, NYC

“Bourgeoisie Oatmeal”


Saturday, Feb. 12 — 127th and St. Nick Terrace, Harlem, NYC

“Wireless Technology”


Friday, Feb. 11 — Santos Party House, Canal & Lafayette, Chinatown, NYC



Thursday, Feb. 10 — Grove and Bleecker, West Village, NYC

“Ladies and Gentlemen, DJ Friendly Greg


Saturday, February 12 — 101 and Broadway, UWS, NYC

“Tis A Small World”


Friday, Feb. 11 — Ten Park Ave, Murray Hill, NYC

“Gucci Bandana.  Gucci Gucci Bandana”


Friday, Feb. 11 — Social Media Week Event, District 36, Midtown, NYC

“DJ Booth”

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1 Response to This Week in Pictures

  1. Arvind says:

    What makes oatmeal middle-class?

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