Congrats, Mayor. Congrats.

This past Sunday, I got a call from Ms. Duffy, telling me a few things.

1) That i was dumb.  RUDE

2) That she was in Atlanta and I was not.  RUDE

3) That her pops liked my blog AND wanted to go to dinner.  DOUBLE SWAG.

4) That our Mayor, Kasim Reed, was on “Meet the Press”… and was good.  Fo Real?

While the first 3 are important (I’m ordering 4 steaks, Eugene), it’s a huge deal for Kasim to be on the ever-important fossil that is “Meet the Press.”

I think the first roundtable on “Meet the Press” was in 1820, with Chief Justice John Marshall, President James Monroe, Poet John Keats, and Nat “Your Favorite Slave Revolter’s Favorite Slave Revolter” Turner.

But I digress…

According to my research, Mayor Reed is the first Atlanta Mayor to ever be on “Meet The Press” (Andy Young was on the show in ’79, before his mayoral tenure, when he was U.S. Ambassador to the UN… and said some pretty unflattering things about Israel… That a boy, Andy.)

It’s just extremely exciting to see the mayor go beyond the city and state boundaries and talk eloquently about issues such as the budget and spending.


  • Host – David Gregory
  • Senior Political Analyst, Time Mag — Mark Halpern
  • Former Clinton White House Press Secretary — Dee Dee Myers
  • NYTimes Op-Ed Writer David Brooks
  • Rep. Bobby Schilling

Way to hold your own, Mayor Reed.  Keep it up.  WATCH HERE

p.s. Apologies for posting this w/ less than 2 hours left in Wednesday.  Please believe it that I will be making up for it tomorrow.


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