Thank You Brooklyn Flea

Item: “Murder Was The Case” Death Row Records T-Shirt
Worth to Me:

Today, I went on a journey to one of my favorite places in New York City, The Brooklyn Flea.  Per usual, I go to these places w/ the intention of overdrawing my account not spending any money and just looking around. That was, until I met Patrick Matamoros.

Patrick, founder of CHAPEL, sells vintage gear at the Brooklyn Flea every Saturday and Sunday and his t-shirt collection is out of this world.  I walked out w/ 4 t-shirts and this unreal Death Row Records t-shirt is the 3rd best t-shirt I got.

The one that almost made me faint I can’t even talk about just yet.  It’s too perfect. Let’s just say, one day, when I have an exhibit presenting all of the Atlanta things I have collected over the years, this yet-to-be-named shirt might be the focal point. I’m going to talk about this shirt at a later date, because I just need time to collect my thoughts.

As the weeks go on, and I visit Patrick’s stoop more and more, I will continue to ramble about cool stuff he has.  For now, I simply thank him for making my Saturday much better.

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2 Responses to Thank You Brooklyn Flea

  1. Michelle Young says:

    i’m coming w/ you next week or the week after! deal? 🙂

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