A Racist T-Shirt For The Ages

Item: “You Wear Your ‘X’ And I’ll Wear Mine!” T-Shirt
Feb 19th, 2011 — Patrick Matamoros, BK Flea
Worth to Me:
Racists — $1,000, Non-Racists — $200
Bought in a bundle of shirts.  Between $30-$70

So this shirt was mass produced.

In case you don’t understand the caption, this is the “diss-track” of T-shirts.  In the late-80s and early-90s, Malcolm X gear became very popular among the Black youths. Now, if I’m White, my name is Hoss, I’m from Mississippi, and it’s 1992, the last thing I probably want to see is Lamond and his friends walking around my neighborhood screaming “Fight the Power” while wearing Malcolm X jerseys.

How do Hoss and the rest of his boys combat the behaviors of these hoodlums?  They start wearing their own shirts.  Conveniently for Hoss and his boys, an “X” can reference Malcolm or it can reference the extremely-casual Battle Flag of the Confederacy.

No big deal.

I’m just curious how the dynamic was in that one restaurant in Mississippi when you had people wearing these shirts and Malcolm X shirts.  It just seems awkward, but I’m sure it was fine.  I mean, they’re just completely contradictory t-shirts expressing two conflicting ideologies and two different stances on equality.   That’s all.

The awesome thing about my owning this comically racist shirt is that I also own the Malcolm X Jersey. (Yes, I keep them in opposite drawers on opposite sides of the room, no worries).  I’m not trying to brag, but I would LOVE to see someone present me two more conflicting t-shirts… that they own.  Consider it a challenge to step your racially-charged apparel game up.

So, if anyone was already considering going as “Racial Conflicts between Hoss and Lamond in early 90s Mississippi” for Halloween 2011, let me know.  I think I’ve got the costume game locked up, so now there’s just 8 months to work on our hatred for one another.


p.s. I’m pretty sure, outside of everything else, that it was my Black History Month duty to get this shirt off the market, at all costs. So yeah, Black History Month, you owe me a few 20-spots.  Thanks pal.

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