New Themes

I mentioned a week or so ago that I was changing the overall format of the site from day-specific posts to a more themed approach.

This upcoming week, I’ll be writing my first posts in some of these new themes.

“My Week With…” = There are a lot of things I have purposefully avoided for one reason or another.  Each week, I’m going to take on one of these things I have avoided, do it to the fullest of it’s capacity for seven days, then make the decision whether or not I want to make it a part of my life or not.  I have a lot of ideas for this theme, but for tomorrow I’m going to start with the one that gave me this idea in the first place: FourSquare.

“When I Meet/If I Had Met…” = There are some people out there that I think I will eventually meet. When these encounters finally happen, they won’t catch me off guard, because I already know how it’s going to go down.  There are also some people that were before my time, but had I been in their era, I know what our encounter would have played out. I think about this a great deal, and I figured I might as well spell it out for all of you.

“A Really Good Story” = It’s pretty self-explanatory.  Every now and then, I’m in the mood to tell a really good story from my past.  I don’t have an endless supply, but I’ve got a nice little cushion to last for a while, not to mention the ones that could happen any day now.  Just off the top of my head, there’s the “lost bags” story, the “Ahmad Rashad” story, and the “Why am I sitting in Ted Kennedy’s House” story. And there are more.

“Profiles” = Every now and then, I’m going to have a 1-on-1 sit down with someone.  Sometimes this person will be well known, sometimes they definitely will not be, and then there’s that one time that it’s Kanye.  Either way, it’ll be a good read.

There are a few more, which I’ll explain in detail as the days/weeks go on.  And there are always the consistent themes: top 10 lists, rambling about Atlanta, really rambling about some of my flea market finds, and most importantly, bragging about my talented friends.

Happy Sunday.

Carmelo for Best Actor.

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