Dave Chappelle Works For Google

I’m pretty sure my friend Matt invented 1) the Internet, 2) Google, and 3) Google Instant.  If you don’t know what Google Instant is, slap yourself, then listen up.

It’s basically Google just showing off about how smart it is.  You start typing a word/phrase into the search bar and it magically guesses what you’re looking for.  The end result is one of two things:

1) The correct answer

2) The funniest answer imaginable

Actually, about 10% of the time it takes me where I thought I wanted to go and 90% of the time it suggests the most hysterical, insane option and I instantly click it.

My theory: Even though I think my friend Matt invented in Internet/Google/Google Instant, no one understands how it works/who calls the shots/why it’s so hysterical.  At the same time, no one currently knows where Dave Chappelle is.

THEREFORE, Dave Chappelle must be the brains behind Google Instant.

Don’t believe me?  Keep reading.  It’s almost funnier than Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.

If you’re have 11-15 hours to kill, play with Google Instant.  Try to push Mr. Chappelle to his comedic limit. Right now, I think I maxed his genius “can white people” GET WAVES/CELEBRATE KWANZAA.

Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.  And let me know if you can make Dave suggest something more ridiculous than “Can White People Get Waves”.  Good luck out there.

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1 Response to Dave Chappelle Works For Google

  1. Zac says:

    Fun game dude, sadly you can’t post screen shots on your comment board – not sure if you’ve got the tech for that on this blog but worth looking into.

    all I had to type was ‘is’…:
    is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler
    is santa real
    is facebook shutting down
    is hank green awesome

    ‘howd’ was good too…:
    how old is pauly d
    howdy doody

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