Mom Dinner.

That’s not my mom, that’s Angela Davis. With that said, my mom got pulled over for looking like Angela Davis back in the day.  You know why?

Cause that’s her style.  You know what else she’s into?

Mom Dinner.

There’s really nothing better than Mom Dinner.

You know. The dinner when mom is in town and she wants to see your old friends and meet new friends.

Tonight was Mom Dinner, with this guy, this guy, and this girl.

Being a new friend at Mom Dinner is exciting, being an old friend at Mom Dinner is fun and often nostalgic, and being the offspring of the guest of honor of Mom Dinner is wonderful.

No matter who you are or where you come from, some things MUST come up at Mom Dinner.

Embarrassing childhood stories, recaps since last Mom Dinner, stories about home, Luther Vandross, stories about work, stories about pop culture…

The thing I love about Mom Dinner, however, are the tangents that one just can’t predict, plan, or expect.

Cockroach from The Cosby Show = Cole from Martin
Telling Mom not to Google “Odd Future”
Hating Shemar Moore
Queen Latifah’s illustrious career.
Corrupt Chicago Politicians
NeNe, Dionne Warwick, and Latoya Jackson ALL on The Apprentice

and last, but definitely not least

Education Policy/Early Childhood Education.

You gotta love Mom Dinner.  Thanks mom.

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1 Response to Mom Dinner.

  1. Momscicle says:

    Always the best part of my visits! Your friends, old and new, are the best. We’ll always have “Mom Dinner.”

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