Stumbled On A Goldmine

Item: 12 Yet-To-Be-Named Jet Magazines
Today, Brooklyn Flea, Bleecker Street Antiques
Worth to Me:
Comically Cheap

Sometimes you go the Flea Market expecting to maybe splurge on a t-shirt, but somehow end up leaving with 12 vintage Jet Magazines.

The above Jet Mags are not the ones I purchased.  Those are the ones I passed up, for the time being.  The lucky 12 will remain a secret until Monday, when I dedicate full week to the gems I found.

The Jet Magazines are from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s and could not be more perfect.  Each day of next week, a different theme from the Jets will be highlighted.

Top 12 Covers, Top 20 Ads, Top 20 Stories, Top 20 Photos, and Top 10 Statistics.

I’m reading each one from cover to cover tonight and tomorrow and will probably dedicate more to next week’s throwback Jet coverage than anything I’ve ever done.

Burfday monthhhhhh.


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