The advertisements in Jet are somehow better than the covers.  They serve as time capsules and really give us a sense of what was really important for Black people between the early 70s through the early 90s.  What are those things, you ask?

Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Hair Care Products.

15 out of the 20 selected ads fall in one of those 3 categories, with the remaining 5 somehow related to food, clothing, and music/recordings.

These ads really cover the wide range of Black people in America, from Black people playing basketball on an ice skating rink while smoking Newports, to Black people smoking cigarettes while playing tennis, to the 1987 S-Curl contest… it’s all there.

These ads really speak for themselves, so I am going to keep my mouthing-off to a minimum today. I’ve thrown in a slideshow for easy viewing, and put all the thumbnails below in case you want to see the full size pictures/keep them for your own amusement/photoshop my face on them.

Tomorrow: Day 3 of 5, Top 10 Photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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