70 Not So Good Days.

This is the 70th day of 2011. That’s not even 1/5th of the year completed. So far:

Day 13 — Libyian Revolution Begins (Death toll currently between 6,000-10,000)
Day 14 — Tunisian Government Falls, President Ben Ali Ousted (Death toll currently at 223)
Day 18 — Yemen Revolution Begins (Death toll currently at 35)
Day 24 — Moscow Airport Bombed, 36 Killed & 100+ Wounded
Day 25 — Egyptian Revolution Begins (Death toll currently at 680)
Day 42 — Egyptian President Mubarak Ousted
Day 46 — Protests in the Wisconsin State House begin
Day 48 — The “Day of Revolt” in Libya
Day 55 — Battle of Misurata in Libya begins (So far, 80 killed, 152 missing/captured, 578 wounded, 1 helicopter shot down)
Day 66 — Obama’s stance on Guantanamo reversed.
Day 69 — Battle of Az Zawiyah in Libya ends (298 killed, 350 wounded, 66-68 captured)
Day 70 — 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake hits Japan, tsunamis produced, 20 countries expected to be effected.

There have been 35 Revolution-sparked self-immolations (setting oneself on fire) in Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Western Sahara, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, & Libya.

In a normal year, Charlie Sheen’s antics should be the most important news story, but not this year. Not after that list. I’m over it.

Also, just in case you took the ridiculousness of this picture lightly, here it is again.

I guess the only good in this is that 80% of the population wouldn’t know about the earthquake, or where Japan is, if it weren’t for People’s Twilight coverage.

To anyone remotely near the Pacific Ocean, stay safe and be careful.

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