Pump Activation > Not Pump Activation

Item: Scotch and Bourbon Set
Mar 12, 2011 — BK Flea
Worth to Me:
Can’t decide.  It might be the coolest thing ever.

Me and this lady spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the Brooklyn Flea market, both with the intentions of strictly paroozing. As we made it to the bottom floor with nothing purchased between the two of us, we stumbled upon 2 of the oddest contraptions I’ve ever seen.

A seemingly pump-activated Bourbon and Scotch dispenser set.


We both looked at them dumbfoundedly, looked at the lady looking to sell them, looked back at each other, and I said “we’re going halfsies on these, aren’t we?”

“Yes”, Sarah said eagerly. “I definitely think we are.”

The young lady that sold us these said she’s never seen anything like these in her many years of thrifting.

Between that fun fact, and the 200 liquids I want to pump activate into my glass over the next _____ years of life, we paid her and celebrated our victory.

I am now the proud owner of the Scotch half, and Ms. Chavey is currently pump-activating milk into her Fruit Loops with her Bourbon half.


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