Selection Sunday

Outside of my birthday, Mother’s Day, and the cancellation of any Tyler Perry venture, selection Sunday is the most important day of the year.

At 6pm today, the brackets for the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament were released.

Since I was 16, I have participated in my boy Shea’s pool. It started off as a very modest open-air transaction-based system in our high-school commons, but it has evolved to a more sophisticated operation.

My junior year, I actually won, because I’m a boss. $240. I bet AGAINST Ga. Tech in the finals, and everyone had them winning. Duh, they lost. It’s Georgia Tech.

Anyway, if you want to get involved, which I would advise, follow the instructions.

Last year, the pot was $2000. Mr. Meddin predicts it to be twice as much this year.

Never question The Meddin.

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1 Response to Selection Sunday

  1. Shea Meddin says:

    Thanks Rem! You are the man!

    Good luck this year…

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