500 Days ASuzuki

Saturday is going to be a great evening in New York City. In addition to it being the weekend before my Kobe and (maybe) the unofficial beginning of spring, my favorite non Jordan/Pippen/Longley trio (in real life and on stage) is performing.

Andy Suzuki & the Method. (click for their new website)

I was going to post this on Thursday to build up a buzz for the weekend, but their 9:30 Saturday show at Joe’s Pub on 425 Lafayette in Astor Place is almost sold out (Joe’s is not an easy place to sell out, by the way). I highly, highly, highly recommend you (reader) gets involved ASAP, as in by the end of the day.


I mentioned that they were a trio, and while they do function as a beautifully *NSYNC in-sync unit, individually, each one of these guys is a complete and utter fool.


Things you should know about Andy: Vocalist, Pianist, half-Jew/half-Japanese (he’s Jewpanesish), loves the song “Luchini”, same number of tattoos as Lil Wayne when he was 5, loves referring to “XX” species as “females” instead of “women”, can sing his face off, can occasionally freestyle his face off, a Sidwell Friends and Brown alum, and (based on the new Census) happens to live in the most ballin apartment in NYC. (based on # of people crashing on couches + overall degenerate traffic in and out of the apt)


Things you should know about Kozza: Drummer (think more Babatunde Olatunji than Ringo Starr), grandson of Babatunde Olatunji, not the grandson of Ringo Starr, looks like Mekhi Pfifer in 8 Mile from 600 feet away, sender of 1 tweet per 8 blinks, works at SOBs, went to Brown, is a founding member of the Player Hater’s Ball.

Jason G

Things you should know about Jason: The only super crunk computer-science electric violinist I know, turning 21 the day of the show, still at Brown, formally goes by “Mister Steal Your Girl” (has a thing for your girl and she’s has a thing for him back… sorry.)

One of my best friends, Jimmy, was in an a cappella group with Andy in college, so I knew about some kid named “Andy Suzuki” about 3 years before I met him. Then I met him, we bonded instantly, and both immediately deleted Jimmy from our contact lists and vowed never to speak of him again.

I could go on and on about these three, but you should check out these various forms of media, which will probably make you want to support them in some way, shape, or form. If you can’t make the show, for geographical reasons or you’re already locked into dumb plans (like that 25-person birthday dinner than undoubtedly won’t be fun and will probably cause significant drama, especially when half the people leave early and your chunk of the bill goes from $25 to $48) at least get them involved in your iTunes.

Balcony TV Performance.

SONG: “Good At Goodbye” – (Click to Download)

SONG: “Take Care of Me” – (Click to Download)

Email Signup

Hope to see all of you on Saturday night.

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2 Responses to 500 Days ASuzuki

  1. Andy says:

    thanks to this post….we sold out in pre-sale. holler.

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