The Calm Before The Storm


Very very very soon, I am celebrating my Kobe–My 24th birthday.

The above picture is Lebron at his 24th bday party, and between you and me, 2 of his friends look like passed-over members of New Edition, one looks like a slightly in shape Jadakiss, and the “White” guy might be the brother of Turtle from Entourage.

Seeing this picture a few days ago gave me a great deal of confidence w/ regards to having a party, since I now have proof that the company I keep is infinitely cooler than King James.

Tomorrow I will be posting an invitiation for a birthday party. I take great pride in making party invites and birthday blog love letters for my friends, so on the rare occasion that I do this for myself (like, once a year… around this time), I attempt to go all out.

At 1pm tomorrow, please check this site. I’m honestly going to spend about 7-10 hours on it, because I like to spend an irresponsible amount of time on non-school related activities because I care.

I haven’t written it yet, but expect somewhere around 50 links, hundreds of names dropped of people I know and don’t know (but all expect in attendance), high praise for some of my favorite people, and complete and utter hateration for some of my favorite people. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither should you.

The fun fact is, I don’t even care about the party. I’ve hyped up parties and then (allegedly) they’ve never even happened (See Whipstock 2009, Whipstock 2010). The point is, I just really want to write this.

With that said, I can’t wait to explain (in great detail) how this party might actually be fun.


Tomorrow. 1pm. Byaaaaaahhhhhh.

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