Street Vending in Lower Manhattan

On January 20th, I wrote a post about a project I’m doing at Columbia about Street Vending in New York City (that was then reblogged on Untapped NYC).

More than 2 months have passed since that post, and in less than a month, this project will be finished. My group’s focus has gone from street vending in general to vending in NYC to vending in Lower Manhattan.

One thing we’re doing is conducting a survey of how people feel about street vending in Lower Manhattan.

If you LIVE, WORK, or frequently VISIT lower manhattan, please fill out this 5 question, multiple-choice, 2 minute survey.


If you do it, then tell me you did it (email/text/tweet/call/whisper/love note), I’ll send you something epic.


Thanks in Advance. Tomorrow I’m back to essay writing. I miss it.


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