Top 10 Blogs, Starring Friends.

While I am awake about 21 hours a day, little-to-no time is dedicated to plowing through the newspaper. This isn’t a good thing, because that’s one of my favorite activities. My saving grace, however, is that fact that I have friends that operate unbelievable blogs that supply me with all the information I need, every single day.

These are the 10 most important blogs run by friends, based on 1) content and 2) frequency of posting.  This list is subject to change at any moment.

10. Anti-Square, Grace McCants

I’ve gotten to know Grace since I’ve been in NYC and pretty immediately, it became clear we had the same taste in everything. For this fact, I read her blog whenever something gets posted, and she reposts stuff I write here every now and then.

Go here if you like: Cosby, TED Videos, Weezy, Dipset, the 90s, Blacks People, Swag, Social Justice

9. Doing., Evan Rose

Love this dude. One of those people I met through a friend (his girlfriend) and ultimately realized we had a ton of friends in common. Anyway, he’s blessed with 1) an entrepreneurial spirit and 2) computer/web skills. He founded the nightlife start-up Nite-Fly and has very recently started blogging the things he’s interested in and good at (which happen to often be things I’m comically bad at)

Go here if you like: All Things Tech, Programming, Business, Cool Toys, Being a Baller

8. Rozenswag, Mikey Rozensweig

One of the reasons I blog now is because my old Dartmouth chum Mikey convinced me to write for his old site, All My Deals Are Live (Pen Name = Rampage Jackson). I did, it was great while it lasted, but now we’re both doing our own thing. Mikey is a hip-hop head and tends to like most of the same things I do.

Go here if you like: Old rap, New rap, Extreme Skiing, Funny Pop Culture


Judy is one of my classmates at Columbia and feels my struggle of balancing school with all things not school. I love her blog, because she often puts cool school-related stuff on her blog. She’s also one of the better dressed ladies I know and puts the fly stuff she wants to own on the interwebs.

Go here if you like: Cities, Urban Things, California, Shoes, Bags, Well-Dressed Men, Photography

6. Off She Goes, Naima Green

One of the best photographers I’ve ever met. And on top of that, she’s the jam and takes pretty pictures of stuff I want to see: pretty people, pretty finds, pretty places. In terms of aesthetics, it’s probably the most pleasant blog to look at that I read on a regular basis.

Go here if you like: High quality photography of high quality things.

5. SEARLES, John Searles

This loser is one of my best and oldest friends. While he is a loser, he’s just one of those people that is very good at the internet. Some people might see that as simply someone that has no life, no friends, and just browses the internet until he/she finds something interesting. That’s not what being good at the internet means. Being good means you know exactly where and what to search to find the goldmines. SEARLES = Goldmine.

Go here if you like: Atlanta, Basketball, Angst, Good Clothes, Charts, Technology

4. cockenblog, Marina Rachael

So I met this young lady once, and it makes me sad that I’ve yet to hang with her again. Stumbled upon her blog some time ago, and now I go here whenever I want to actually laugh out loud. Everything she puts up is a gem… I just wish she’d tell me stories in person… Sigh…

I should probably stop, before I further embarrass myself.

Go here if: You understand there’s nothing better than a hysterical girl w/ an occasional potty mouth. Also, an occasional epic good story.

3. educatedGUESS, Josie Duffy

I’ve almost convinced myself that Josie runs this blog specifically for me. She doesn’t post stuff I want to see… she posts stuff I need to see. Oh, something happened in the Supreme Court today? BOOM, it’s there. Oh, the NYTimes just came out with a ballin chart about congress? BOOM, posted. Oh, Obama’s running for president again? HI-YA, Josie’s on it. Were it not for this blog, I’d still be trying to figure out what I was going to wear to the Million Man March. Thanks JHD.

Go here if you like: National Issues, World Issues, Atlanta Issues, Literature, Awesome Pictures, SpottieOttieDopalicious

2. The Campaign, Benny Walk

Benny explains his blog better than I ever could. From the header, “The Campaign aims to inspire civic participation and illustrate the various ways citizens can and do use social media to be informed, express opinions and take action, while also examining how a social media “talking head” can reach and influence citizens.” This is one of the more well-executed blogs I’ve read and has a very distinct voice and message. Josie and Benny are the reason I can almost get away with not reading the paper. It’s very good, very mature, and very important. I urge you to read it, and read it often.

Go here if you: Are ready to start thinking like a big boy/big girl.

1. The Philter, Phil Chang

When we went to college together, I would see Phil and think, “why are you 1) in New Hampshire, 2) not in NYC, 3) wasting your time hanging out with me”. Fastforward to present day, and Phil is in NYC, working for one of the coolest ad agencies in the city (Wieden + Kennedy), living the life he was meant to live. I have no problem admitting that I’m living vicariously through him (I’m banking on an invite to something cool one day, I’ll shave, I promise). With that said, Phil has a tumblr that he updates mutiple times a day, and he’s still at a 100% rate of posting things that I like. He’s like 1,205 for 1,205. He has a keen sense of things that are awesome, and I thank him for his keen sense.

Go here if you like: Fly girls, fly clothes, fly music, fly art, swag on a hundred 1000 TRILLION.

Thank you, the 10 of you, for making my life extremely pleasurable. For cereal.

p.s. Greg Dona, if you read this, just know I didn’t put PandaToes on here as a motivation tool for you.

That’s all.

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