96 days into the job and the controversially unqualified NYC Schools Chancellor Cathie Black has been asked to leave.

96 Days.

Do you know how many things I’ve been able to keep up longer than 96 straight days?

Not shaving my mustache (4 months and counting)
This Blog, tomorrow (97 days and counting)
Listening to “Real Love” by Mary J. Blige before 11:00am (6 years and counting)
Asking my mom for money (8th grade – last Tuesday)
That thing you do when you are driving and have your phone in your lap, and then you park and get out the car and your phone falls on the concrete (The first 5 months of driving)

I could easily go on, but I have MUCH more important things to get to.

That important thing, you ask? Answer: The Cathy Black Mixtape, made by m’self in honor of my favorite Black.

(Side note — Rough year for White Blacks. Between Rebecca and Cathie, I wake up every morning thankful for my non-Blackness)

The songs were carefully picked, based on Cathie’s skill set, her tenure, and her overall demeanor over her 96 day public service career

You will truly be missed.

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