In case you aren’t aware of the whole premise of this blog, after 500 days (& 500 posts), this site will self-destruct.

Sunday, April 10th, marked the 100th day & the 100th post.

A lot of words have been written and a lot of praise has been thrown by me and towards me.

These are all good things.  I think I can handle 400 more days of this. I think.


p.s. that picture of “Blank Check” has nothing to do with anything. (Side note: “Blank Check” has everything to do with everything)

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1 Response to One-Fif

  1. Preston Copley says:

    The main character of ‘Blank Check’ is a 13 yr old boy named Preston Waters.
    Being that my name is also Preston, this movie had a profound impact on my development. It firmly established my love for Bedroom Window-to-Swimming pool Slides, Tone Loc, and free money. As a current employee of the Walt Disney Studio…I can state unequivocally that this is the best live action movie we’ve ever made. Sorry Ole Yeller.

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