Outside Lands 2011 = Coachella 2010


Red Boxes = Shows I Saw | Arrows = Shows that Changed My Life

The three days I spent last year in the California desert at the Coachella Music Festival have yet to be rivaled by any other 72 hour period in my life.

I won’t say Coachella was completely under the radar last year, but it definitely was to East Coasters, compared to Lollapalooza and Bonaroo.

Last year, my crew and I casually bought tickets a few weeks after they went on sale and come April, made our way out to Indio, CA.

Fast-forward to this year and Coachella decides to sell out in less than a week. Between the big acts that came and the extrodinary coverage that it received, I guess everyone with or without the means made plans to buy tickets. I was one of those people (w/o means) but had to sell my ticket (this morning) in large part to my lack of means (in addition to this whole “grad school” thing I do).

I thought all was lost in the world, until this morning when I discovered another festival… in California… in the summer… with a comprable line-up to any festival this season.

What is it?

Who’s Coming?

Okay. As much as I do love him and Creedence Clearwater Revival… I’m not travelling across the country for him, unless he’s bringing out everyone else that played at Woodstock (dead and alive). I need more.

This is getting better, because I really like all three, but I have seen each perform. Repeat performances aren’t the worst, but I’m still not convinced.

Phish — 2 Sets — I’d definitely go to one. Arcade Fire and The Black Keys, I’ve never seen play before (with the except of Arcade’s cameo at LCD). I’m starting to get more interested, but I’ve got to say this is looking like a pretty White music festival. Like, comically White.

All I’m saying is that this wouldn’t go down in Oakland. Please throw some non White peeps my way, ASAP, or I’m using the money to go to the Source Awards.

Okay… baby steps but I like it. The lead singer of Little Dragon is half Japanese and while Diplo and Switch are officially Major Lazer, their live shows include the entire Jamaican Parliament as a collective hypeman. Diversity, Outside Lands, you’re SO close to convincing me. So Close.

The Legendary Roots Crew, BADU, and funk pioneers The Meters. I didn’t expect this, Outside Lands. I’m impressed. I’ve never seen any of them live, and all three were on my bucket list. Yeah, I think I’m going to Outside Lands. I think.

You win, Outside Lands. There is no way I will miss this. I haven’t seen Daddy Fat Stacks perform since Outkast opened for Lauryn Hill at the Fox Theatre when I was 11.

I truly believe that this year, Golden Gate Park will have the feel of the Indio Polo Grounds last year. I’m suddenly not so bummed about missing Coachella and eagerly awaiting an equally-epic weekend in NorCal.


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3 Responses to Outside Lands 2011 = Coachella 2010

  1. Michelyah says:

    Ok I was skeptical initially but this sounds like an interesting mashup of artists. I wanna go!

  2. teacakers says:

    ugh, pleaseeeeee don’t advertise this to everyone! outsidelands is still a bit under the radar and is always amazing. way better than lolla and coachella

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