Rainy Dayz > Rainy Days.

So I posted this video, inspired by the gross weather in NYC, with no text at 9:03pm.

At 10:12pm, I receive this text:

The fun thing about have extremely rude friends is that they kick you when you’re down.

Does this “Grambo” know I’m in Finals? Probably so.

Does this “Grambo” know that sometimes other things happen that make blogging a very challenging daily task? Probably so.

Does this “Grambo” care? Absolutely not.

Would I trade my shockingly rude friends for anything in the world? On the fence.

–But I Digress–

The best part about this video, outside of Ja Rule’s raspy croon, is the presence of this in the bottom right corner:

That takes me back to a happier time–a time when I could watch 15-20 hours of MTV on the weekends and see 15-20 hours of videos. Great videos. Videos all directed by Hype Williams. You know, back when everyone was rich.

Ugh, I miss that. So much.


p.s. The same year this song came out, Ja Rule won a “GQ Man of the Year” award. Ha.

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2 Responses to Rainy Dayz > Rainy Days.

  1. Grambo says:

    better. marginally.

  2. chris says:

    Find Ja Rule! Get a hold of him so I can make sense of all this.


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