Black Weblog Awards.

2 days ago, I got an email from a friend telling me that he nominated me for the Black Weblog Awards.

The awards have 30+ categories, and my friend (and now I) have nominated this blog in 5 of the categories:

Best New Blog, Best Humor Blog, Best Culture Blog, Best Personal Blog, and Best Writing in a Blog.

If you agree that any of these are true, you should fill out a nomination form. All you have to do is throw in in one/all of those previously-mentioned categories.


They’re taking the top 5 nominated blogs in each category and advancing them to the voting round. Nominations are open until May 7th. Spread the word, if you feel obliged.



p.s. If I win one of these, I’m throwing the biggest party ever. I know that was sort of implied, but I figured I’d at least say it myself.

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