Simpler Times

I love Jay. A lot.

I also love Beyonce. A lot, a lot.

Last year, I saw Beyonce come out in a Jay-Z show at Coachella and perform “Young Forever”. I almost teared up it was so beautiful. They’re wonderful together.


I will never forget being 13, getting a ride to tennis camp from my mom, and listening to “Best of Me, pt. 2”, Mya feat. Jay-Z, and then going home and watching the video.

I’ll never forget it because I thought these two were the greatest “couple” ever and from that moment on, I sought a life where I could convince a girl to wear the jersey dress version of whatever I was wearing at the time.


I understand that Jay and B are extremely happy together, but Beyonce can’t be too too thrilled after witnessing the chemistry between these two.

While she may not love it, it will always be one of my favorite things ever.

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