Birthday Backpack

Item: Epperson Mountaineering Daypack
Purchased Given:
April 24
Worth to Me:
A gift–only selling if rent needs to be paid
Not Important

My friends know me very well. Of those friends, few know me better than my friend Alex.

She knows what I think is cool, but (more importantly) knows what I need.

Over the past month or so, since losing my backpack, she’s watched me walk into her apartment carrying my things in:

Paper and plastic grocery bags, duffel bags with random holes, random pieces of luggage, pillow cases, and, of course, my hands.

Knowing what’s best for me, she gets me a backpack for my birthday.

But, being the baller that she is, she went a step further and found the flyest backpack I’ve ever seen. Ever.

Backpack’s are my favorite accessory and this one isn’t coming off my person anytime soon.

Between it’s teal hue, its childish nature, and its CAMO back and interior, this might be one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.


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2 Responses to Birthday Backpack

  1. josie says:

    i take full responsibility for this friendship. alex is the very very best

  2. baby buddha says:

    Love you Jose.
    Rem, this is a bougie ass wall display. LIKE.
    Carpool 2 Bonaroo 2011–I’ll drive:

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