I promised a week ago that I would update my 2011 Summer Music Festival Venn Diagram once Lollapalooza released their lineup.

Well, that happened last night (thank you Tanner for the late-night, real-time updates) and BOOM:

Lollapalooza is huge and has a lineup that overlaps with 4 other festivals (Outside Lands, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, and Camp Bisco). After sitting down, trying to make a new venn diagram to somehow accurately loop in all 5 festivals, I realized that my measly Sociology B.A. had not prepared me for such a daunting task.

I left my computer, walked outside, bought some funyuns, and came back with a new idea.

This new idea centers around the fact that this summer pretty much comes down to “Do I make the trek to Bonnaroo or Lolla?”

Other festivals could and should be attended, but missing both of these monstrosities would be a shame.

So which one should you attend? How would one ever visualize this? How, on Earth, will you ever figure this out? HOW?

Before I go on, let me point out that I invented the word “Lonnaparooza” 25 minutes ago. If you see the mashed-up word written on some other cooler, sexier site, please know that they aren’t creative; They’re BITERS and they deserve to be punished. Here’s Proof:

Moving on…

The good thing about the two festivals is that there isn’t a ton of overlap, with Eminem being the major exception. Looking at each festival’s 10 best acts/10 acts I’m most looking forward to see, Bonnaroo outmuscles Lolla in almost every musical category.

Like hip-hop? Big Boi, Wiz, Weezy, J. Cole, and Donald Glover (if his alter-ego shows up) > Cee-Lo, CuDi, Damien Marley/Nas, and Jay Electronica.

Trying to rock out? Arcade Fire, Mumford, and The Strokes > Muse and Coldplay.

Probably the most even matchup is the battle of the lady rockstars. Bonnaroo has Florence Welch and Robyn, while Lolla has Ellie Goulding and Lykki Li. Lykki Li is my favorite of the 4, but Florence and Robyn are a more impressive festival duo. As I’m typing this, I’m not sure if I fully believe that, but for now I stand by this claim. For now. Grrrrr, I want all four.

The one thing Lolla does have on ‘Roo is the presence of the electronic music heavy hitters. There are some at Bonnaroo (Bassnectar, for example), but Deadmau5 and Glitch Mob are going to be so fun to see in the Chi.

The idea of missing Lykki Li and Scott MesCuDi this summer is killing me, because both of them are on my concert bucket list. With that said, Bonnaroo is clearly the festival of the summer. Also, the grimy nature of Manchester, Tennessee is more alluring than the perfection that is Chicago’s Grant Park.

Get to one of them, but if you choose Bonnaroo, LET. A. BROTHER. KNOW.

Trying to make some memories.

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