Mixtape Review: SMKA’s “The 808 Experiment, Vol. 3”

This morning I woke up, made a phone call to the King, and he tells me to go on twitter. I go on his page, and read this:

This may just seem like a fanboy hyping up some kids we went to high school with, but if there’s one guy I know who doesn’t ever pretend to like music he doesn’t like, it’s Matthew.

Matt’s mom could come out with a mixtape, and if he thought it was wack, he might burn it and claim no relation.

When I saw this, I immeidately went to my computer and listened all the way through the third installment of SMKA‘s “The 808 Experiment” series.

Matt was right. It’s unbelievable.

Vol. 1 was awesome and I loved it (and not just because I made it in a music video). Vol. 2 I honestly didn’t love that much, but I stuck by them, because that’s what friends do.

I could have no allegiance to SMKA, could not even be from the South, and stumble on Vol. 3 and pinpoint at least 10 songs I loved.

This is the first time in the series that the lyricists have been as impressive (across the board) as the beats and production, which is a huge compliment, seeing as that 808Blake is getting dirtier and dirtier (compliment) as time goes on.

It’s a good listen to from beginning to end, with no tracks I dislike, but there are clearly some that outshine the rest:


10 Essential Tracks

10. “On Everything” — Casey Veggies ft. Skewby and Young Scolla.

The piano riff that pops up every now and then almost sells the song itself. Nothing about this song is mindblowing, but it’s a really simple, loungy, pleasant song to listen to, over and over again.

9. “Quite the Fiasco” — Brandun DeShay ft. Young Lyxx, and RE

The song samples one of my favorite Beatles songs, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. The song is awesome, with the last verse by RE being the highlight. He kind of sounds like Drake, but probably less awkward in all aspects of life.

8. “In The Laboratory” — SMKA

Just go to :57 seconds. Go there, and then watch your face melt. I might rent a car this evening, just so I can put this on, turn the bass up, and drive around a residential neighborhood.

7. “My Girlfriend” — Aleon Craft ft. Grip Plyaz and Tuki (of Hollyweerd)

Saying that Aleon is “the man” is a gross understatement. Everything he’s released of late I’ve had in heavy, heavy rotation. With all of that said, the true rockstar of this particular song is Grip Plyaz. The way he starts his verse makes the song, but then he keeps going, dripping cool with every comically relaxed line. Great song. (p.s. I can’t wait until Grip is 50 and looks like Ron Washington).

6. “Live My Life” — Laws ft. Thee Tom Hardy

I’m obsessed with this dude Laws. His delivery is extremely unique, and he’s very very clever. Oh, and after referencing Street Fighter, he delivers one of my favorite lines of the tape:

If it take ya more than 30 seconds to put your jeans on
then comparing our music would just be wrong

The Jam.

5. “Smoke and Ride Out” — Scar ft. El Prez and Aleon Craft

You might recognize Scar’s name or voice from the Outkast song “Morris Brown”. If you don’t, find time in your day to listen to this man sang (not a typo). On top of Scar, you have what I think is the second best verse on the mixtape, delivered by Mr. Craft. This beat, seemingly dipped in molasses, is perfect for Aleon to just go off indefinitely. He kills it.

4. “District in the Dark” — Sam Dew (of Cloudeater)

Let me first say that I’m extremely impressed and pleased that they put a non-hip hop song on the mixtape. Bravo. Okay, now that that’s over, I have something to say/scream from the mountaintops.


3. “Four 16’s” – 4-Ize

There is nothing that makes me happier in rap then when someone just decides to flow, sans chorus, for 3-4 minutes. Kudos to the organ-dominated beat for giving 4-Ize an awesome track to rap over, and kudos to him for entertaining me for the duration of the song, with awesome lines like:

“Smack your favorite rapper, give him something to tweet”

“I’m blowing big trees like sky people on pandora”

This track is an unbelievable way to close out the album. Well done.

2. “Certified Shit” – Jackie Chain ft. Rittz, Jarren Benton, and Young Scolla.

The reason this song has received so much attention is because every verse is awesome. With that said, JARREN BENTON LOST HIS MIND. His verse, the song’s final verse, is without doubt the lyrical highlight of The 808 Experiment, Vol. 3. The verse has to go last, because it’s unfollowable. One of the best posse-tracks SMKA has ever produced. “Caddys” should watch its back.

1. “Mechanical Love” – Jack Preston ft. Spree Wilson

I’m not sure what to make of this song yet, but I do know it’s the best, most interesting, most complex, coolest song SMKA has included in their 808 Experiment Series. I can’t stop listening to it. I don’t know what to feel. I think it’s sort of perfect.

This song could have been on ATLiens.

That’s all I got.

Congrats to my boys for putting together a mini-masterpiece. So impressed and even more proud to be:

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1 Response to Mixtape Review: SMKA’s “The 808 Experiment, Vol. 3”

  1. mouse house says:

    word! on number one. dope stuff on jackpres.com as well. don’t know about ATLiens, but great song.

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