Show A Little Knee

Item: Matix Shorts (Waist 32)
Purchased Given:
July 2009, Cali
Worth to Me:
Nothing. I want to give them away.
Like $30 or something. California dollars.

I went on a roadtrip the month after I graduated from college. This trip marked my first trip to California and my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. As soon as I stepped foot on California soil, I never wanted to leave. I wanted to buy, take pictures, and talk to everything and everyone. 

My first purchase in California were these shorts. Long shorts, falling slightly below my knees. I wore them the next 5 straight days. I thought I was the man. So did everyone else. 

Once I got back to New York, I wore them every now and then. Something happened over the past 6-9 months, however, that has caused these shorts to be shelved in the abyss that is the top left section of my closet.

I just can’t wear these anymore. Out of nowhere, I have become a knee-shower. 

Because of this surprising twist of fate, I am looking to give these shorts to someone that wants and deserves them. They are awesome. I love looking at them. I just can’t wear them anymore.

Contact me in some way/shape/or form if you want them. Once someone has scooped them up, I will put a red “X” through the picture.

Boom. Goes. The. Dynamite.

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1 Response to Show A Little Knee

  1. Tiffanie says:

    if no one else wants them, i’ll take them…u r giving them away right? i’ll make pretty little flowers and bows for my accessory line…i like the funky plaid!!!!

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