Why I Love Mom, Reason #241,024

Tough love, the Charlyn Harper Browne way…

Called my mom today and we talked about how great our respective days were, while catching up since our last chat 4 days ago.

About 45 minutes into the conversation, I was getting to my destination and was about to bring the convo to a close.

Right before I hung up, my mom goes “one more thing.”

“Love the blog, but we should really talk about the difference between using ‘that’ and ‘who’. And after that, we’ll talk about ‘who’ vs. ‘whom'”


If this were high school or maybe even college, I would have been so annoyed by this.

Now, at age 24, nothing makes me happier than this tough-love Mother’s Day jab.

Love you, Mom.

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1 Response to Why I Love Mom, Reason #241,024

  1. Momscicle says:

    My son WHO makes me so very happy is the author of the blog THAT includes my Mother’s Day greeting, and WHICH hopefully will win one of the “Black Blog” awards. (forgot to mention the difference between “that” and “which”). Love you too, Son.

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