Grad School Bloggin

Graduate school is silly.

Most people are paying a lot of money to jump into disciplines they aren’t even sure they want to fully pursue. With that said, in many arenas, it’s a necessity if you want to achieve your desired profession/job.

Graduate school is awesome.

Most people are giving themselves a 2-3 year buffer before they have to start making real life decisions.

Depending on where you are in your life and your overall approach to school, you tackle grad school in different ways. Personally, my three reasons for going to graduate school are to 1) learn a few things, 2) write an awesome thesis about Atlanta and 3) further put myself in a position where eventually I can do whatever I want (go to Bonarroo, every day). Because of that, many of my other schoo activities seem frivilous and occupy a very small amount of my brain. Sorry I’m not sorry. 

What do I do with all that free time and energy? Blog Blog Blog.

For me, this blog is the sole reason I haven’t burned out, dropped out, and/or gone insane. It’s gone from a fun hobby to a necessity.

If you’re sole goal in grad school is to get the best grades, you should probably not spend time doing anything other than school. With that said, I thankfully have some very smart friends that have decided to go down a similar road as me, in terms of using blogging as a creative outlet, as a means of remembering the other side of the brain and as a means of not going insane.

Josie Duffy: 1st Year, Hahrvahrd Lahr Skool, Blog = Educated Guess

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The smartest almost 24 year old I know. Her blog is chock full of underreported news stories, pretty pictures, important pictures, great literature excerpts, Atlanta-things, and every now-and-then, a shout out to The Big Guy. I echo the sentiments of “Kevvie” (mentioned above) because whenever I manage to get shouted out, I know I have actually done something right. So Baller, JHD. 

Judy Chang: 1st Year, Master’s in Urban Planning — Columbia, Blog = Taiwanderlust

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Classmate. Loves Cali, Asians, Fly Things, and things that happen in cities as much as I love Atlanta, Black folk, Fly Things, and things that happen in cities. Uses her blog to talk about the coolest stuff that has come from our classes, readings, projects, but also loves a good set of heels. One of the main reasons I decided to start a Tumblr. Very Awesome.

Dunia Rkein: 1st Year, Cornell Law School, Blog = DOORR

Last Thing Posted

M’gurl from Dartmouth. This extremely clean blog is one of the girliest blogs I’ve ever seen. With that said, I’ve probably read every post. I was initially confused at this fact, but quickly realized it’s because I’m obsessed with girls that have the best taste in everything. I really want her to become a rich and powerful lawyer, not really for her own personal success, but mainly so she can afford all the fly stuff she blogs about. If she doesn’t I will steal it for her buy it for her. I promise. 

Dory Kornfeld: 2nd Year, P.hD. in Urban Planning — Columbia, Blog = The Green Peugeot

Last Thing Posted

I demanded Dory a few weeks ago (slightly in jest) to bring me some pickled items to class later that morning. At 11am, I was sitting down, about to give that beautiful Astoria presentation, eating pickled okra and picked watermelon rinds. In some ways, Dory and I behave in a similar fashion, but she is much cooler about it. Case in point, when I want to fiddle in class, I chew the tops of pen caps like a child (the pen is usually one that I borrowed, which always ends awkwardly). Dory, on the other hand will knit an entire scarf without missing a beat in class. Her awesome blog, filled with pretty pictures and descriptions of things she’s made and places she’s gone makes me happier than pretty much anything else. Did I mention she’s from Canadaland? Cray. Cray.

Lou-Lou Igbokwe: 1st Year, Dramatic Writing — NYU Tisch – Asia (Singapore), Blog = Ivy Grown of Mother’s Garden

Last Thing Posted

While Lou-Lou and I were not raised in the same household, we somehow obtained the EXACT same Black pop culture references in our childhoods. You know… Martin, House Party, Jodeci, Maxwell, Coming to America, Juice, Those Cosby Episodes when the sing to the grandparents on the stairwell…

If any of these things interest you, this is a blog you should frequent. Chances are, Lou-Lou has remembered something that you were JUST trying to recall. It’s happened to me at least 4 times.


School’s great, but you’ve got to give yourself an outlet. Thankfully these wonderful ladies (not surprised it’s only the ladies, they outnumber us guys more than 2:1 in graduate schooling) are spending time reminding themselves that there’s more to life than papers and tests.

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2 Responses to Grad School Bloggin

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  2. Lisa says:

    “Because of that, many of my other school activities seem frivilous and occupy a very small amount of my brain. Sorry I’m not sorry”

    Couldn’t have said it better.

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