The Black Bridesmaids

I was 90% done w/ a blog post for today when Danielle a.k.a. Red (what I and this blog will refer to her as until the 500 days are done) gchat’s me, “You HAVE to watch the link in my status RIGHT NOW.”

I tend to believe Red when she gets like this, so I click it. I can genuinely say I haven’t been this caught off guard in a long time.

Instead of this:

It was this:

Now, it’d be one thing if she just photoshopped 6 people on the movie poster.

It’s SO much realer than that. Through the movie’s website, you can upload pictures of 6 people and your group becomes the stars of the trailer.

I know this doesn’t make any sense, so just watch what Red did:

 New Bridesmaid’s Trailer

It’s the creepiest, most fantastically bootleg thing I’ve seen in a minute.

I was going to talk about how much I loved it, but I decided to take a bunch of screenshots instead to express myself.

Whatever I write tomorrow, the end will be my version of the video. Stay tuned, you might end up in it.

Here’s the link, do it yourself immediately, and then sent it my way. I NEED THIS. 

Screenshots Galore:

And Last, But Certainly Not Least

There’s nothing like high-tech, low-tech stuff to make me laugh for hours. Thank you, Ms. Turman, for making this..

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