6 Swagged Out Nominations…. SIX

So this morning, everything changed.

I got an email saying this blog got SIX nominations for the Black Weblog Awards.

Best New Blog (#youngswag)
Best Culture Blog (#worldlyswag)
Best Humor Blog (#OMGlolswag)
Best Personal Blog (#remshadyswag)
Best Writing in a Blog (#wordsswag)
BLOG OF THE YEAR (#winningswag)

This is all pretty insane, especially since the blog is less than 6 months old. Insane, but awesome.

Only four blogs were nominated for at least 6 categories, and this one is the only new blog nominated for Blog O Da Year.

Getting this far couldn’t have happened without everyone that filled out the nomination forms. Personal thank yous are about to start flooding people’s Inboxes over the next few days.

Now comes the fun part.


Not only are awards given out, but there is actually an award show… In LA… Like, an event where I could potentially get the chance to make an acceptance speech in front of people. Or 6 acceptance speeches. This could potentially be the most ridiculous thing in my lifetime/I’ll probably never be invited back again. 

This fact, alone, should make you want to spread the word until you run out of friends, family, and frenemies to contact.

This is a great day. Help turn an inside joke into a reality.

About Rembert Browne

NYC via ATL //// rembert.browne@gmail.com 500daysasunder.wordpress.com
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1 Response to 6 Swagged Out Nominations…. SIX

  1. Mike Walbert says:

    we got you son!

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