A Community Blog.

As I mention in the “about” section of this blog, my main goal is to spend as much time talking about others as I do talking about myself.

I want it to be a place where ERRBODY benefits, certainly not just me.

A Community Blog, if you will.

That comes by way of writing full stories about people, but also just linking to people’s creative outlets at an alarming rate.

Apparently, I’m doing a halfway decent job at this:

The last thing I want is for someone to come here, read some stuff, and leave only knowing stuff about me. I’m the first to highlight that I’m not that tight.

I’ve just spent the past 24 years perfecting the art of surrounding oneself with awesome people. Shockingly awesome people.

Also, as the list shows, 135 people have clicked on the link to vote for this blog. That’s unreal. I don’t really like to bug people and ask people for things, so the fact that so many people are spreading the word means a lot. KEEP VOTING.


About Rembert Browne

NYC via ATL //// rembert.browne@gmail.com 500daysasunder.wordpress.com
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