Souf. In. Yo. Mouf.

Was driving down Ponce De Leon Ave yesterday, one of Atlanta’s major thoroughfares, and hit one of the more aggresive right turns of my life upon seeing this:


If this hasn’t always meant something to you, I’m sorry. Basically, when they turn on the hot light, meaning a fresh new batch of Glazed donuts just came out, there’s nothing you can do. All other plans must be postponed. You must submit to Krippy Kreeem.

I didn’t even have to chew the donut, it was so soft and warm. I put it in my mouth, it immediately dissolved and essentially became the new outer coating of my tongue. Unreal.


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1 Response to Souf. In. Yo. Mouf.

  1. Arthur says:

    only a select few can realllly appreciate this – i being one of them.
    this made my day

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