My Friends, in a Nutshell.

Sometimes, people that I’ve met over the years are confused by the cast of characters I grew up with.

Weirdly diverse, weirdly comfortable talking about everything, all completely absurd individuals.

I think this picture pretty much sums it up.

It’s pretty casual, just a graphic designer, a MTV sales executive, and a Howard Medical Student holding up the Bar Mitzvah picture of a Computer Scientist (a Mitzvah that all we were all present for and signed), all while mean mugging.

Yeah. That sums it up.

Glad to be home. Happy Memorial Day.

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1 Response to My Friends, in a Nutshell.

  1. jennifer howard says:

    Heard you got the job you wanted….and get to stay in NYC, congrats! It was great to see you and I have some good pictures of the Bus Stop Boys & friends if you want them.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer,

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