Jeremy Love The Kids.

I love my friends, because as ridiculous as they are, they also really care about the world.

Jeremy Teicher is a perfect example of that.

Last summer, he went to Senegal and worked with a group of students from the remote village of Sinthiou Mbadane. While there, he developed a process that enabled the students to use pocket-size video cameras to make stories about their everyday lives. That film, This Is Us: Video Stories from Senegalese Youth, premiered at the American Embassy in Dakar and was nominated for a 2011 Student Academy Award.

Quite ballin, is it not?

What was revealed in this documentary was a fascinating story about early marriage and how it impacts life for young people. Taking inspiration from this story, this July and August BIG JERM is returning to the village and working with the same group of kids to make a feature-length dramatic narrative movie. The film is about a teenage girl who, when she finds out that her little sister is going to be pulled out of school and sent to an arranged marriage, runs away from home with her sister to try and earn enough money to pay off the potential husband.

In order to support this project, he is throwing a benefit, TONIGHT, in New. York. City.

As the flier states, it’s at The Blind Barber from 7-10. A great after work/post gym/pre-Franklin and Bash event.

The event is free, but I think karma would behoove you to donate a few bucks to the project. And because you donate ON THE INTERNET you can miss the event and still help out with the cause.


According to Jeremy, you should bring everyone you know. There will be drinks at the bar (because it’s a bar and all) and after the event, New York’s favorite Dallas transplant DJ, DJ Friendly Greg, is playing an awesome set for the rest of the night.

No better way to spend your hump day. A little philanthropy, a little support of a good cause, and then DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE.

Hope to see some of you tonight.


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