The Summer of YES: 2.0

This is the most important thing I’ve ever written.


Founded in June 2008, The Summer of Yes is an initiative championed by myself, Matthew Solomon, and Aulden Kaye.

The three of us were living in New York City for the summer, all newly 21, all “working”, and all looking to have the greatest summer of our lives.

Spoiler Alert: It was the greatest summer of our lives.

So one day, during our second week in the summer, the three of us went out for dinner and decided to create a pact.

This pact became known as The Summer of Yes.

The premise: If one of us wanted to do something, from the simple (get dinner) to the extravagant (buy a yacht) to the insane (buy a yacht), the other two HAD to say YES. No questions asked.

And there were no other “conflicts” that could overturn a Summer of Yes proposition. None.

The events of that summer need not be publicly chronicled on this blog, but just know it was 10 weeks of perfection.

The reason I even bring this up is a few days ago, as I put on the same tank top for the 9th straight day, it became clear that this was about to be The Summer of Yes: 2.0

3 years ago, it was just 3 of us. This summer, we’re trying to go bigger and better and are looking for TEN more people to sign their lives away for the summer. At least 3 of these 10 people will be people none of the original members of the triumvirate have met before.


You must either live in NYC this summer or make a minimum 25 trips here.
You must love slumber parties.
You must love brunch.
You must love.

If you’re interested, answer these 10 questions, email them to and you may be contacted for a 1st round interview. If you are contacted, attached will be a PDF treasure map that will alert you where the interview is taking place, some MadLibs that must be completed by the time of the interview, and some Gushers.


1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Sex:
4. Lowest Form of Education Completed:
5. Length (in kilometers) of the Longest Road Trip You’ve Taken:
6. Least Favorite Celebrity:
7. 5 Favorite Ways To Stay Out Of Shape:
8. Favorite Scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious:
9. Name of Last Place You’ve Been Politely Asked To Leave/Kicked Out Of + Why:
10. Guys: # of Tank Tops/Jerseys/Penny’s You Own | Ladies: # of Sundresses w/ Pockets:

Application Deadline: ROLLING ADMISSIONS.
Notification Date: If you don’t hear anything by next Tuesday, HAVE A MEDIOCRE SUMMER.

Good Day & Good Luck


p.s. Great Career Shaq. Thanks for maybe my favorite play, ever.

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