Friends Making Music

I live vicariously through my friends that are musically talented. Many of the people I grew up around can sing and play a multitude of instruments, while all I do is simply describe which songs make me cry/fist pump the most.

Below are four real-time examples of friends that are musically gifted, and awesome things that they have just done/are about to do in the near future.

3 Dartmouth pals-Pete/Teddy/Johnny + 1 crazy Hamilton keyboard whiz-CASEY

They are awesome, are a legit rock band (no other cute genre-tags needed), and every time I look up, they are about to do something even cooler than the last cool thing. This morning was no different, as I woke up to find out that these guys just got added to the Escape to NY music festival this August:

I’m pumped and am definitely going. Watch a video from their latest album, The Verve. The song is Guilty Good Intentions and is silly good.

Andy Suzuki & The Method
Andy + Kozza + Jason

So I see one of these guys every day, another once a week, and the third I do everything in my power to avoid. The Method, over the past few weeks, has been involved in a competition called Battle of The Boroughs. They’ve made it through some rounds and are now in the last public voting round, with the chance to represent Manhattan against the winning band in the four other boroughs.

Here’s their performance. They kill it.

They need you to vote for them and spread the word, because apparently some lilith-fair looking Sousaphone quartet is in the lead. That’s ain’t right.

CLICK to vote and/or text MN8 to 69866.

If they win, Andy will serenade you, Kozza will give you a dreadlock, and Jason will beat you over the head with his electric violin.

Current classmate/degenerate Julian + friend Ben

Today, it’s so hot in NYC I can’t even really listen to songs with words. It’s just too much. Luckily, my friend/classmate Julian alerts me that 1) his band just got on twitter and 2) one of their tracks was getting picked up by some music blogs. I listened to it and have looped it 33 times since that. It’s actually lowering my body temperature it’s so cool. That’s a pun.

See one of the write-ups HERE to stream and download the song.


James Byron Lowe aka Jimmy Jimmy Lowe Lowe aka J.Lo aka Swagoo

Jimmy is one of my best and oldest friends.
Jimmy is one of the best singers I know.
Jimmy is one of the best freestylers I know.
Jimmy is one of the funniest people I know.
At 25, Jimmy is one of the most accomplished professionals I know.

With all of that said, a video like this surfacing does not surprise me.

It’s just the first performance of the newly formed MTV-LA branch in-house band, Operation Pool Party, fronted by Jimmy Lowe. No big deal.

And yes, they just did a 3 minute medley of AC/DC, Biggie, Jay-Z, Digital Underground, Eminem, Kanye, Drake, and Snoop Dogg. That’s all.

Nothing makes me happier than this video. I think it might be the bright spot in your day, especially if you know this fool.


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