MANHATTAN: Andy Suzuki and the Method

I was about to write about my Mayor’s 2nd appearance on Meet the Press yesterday, until I got a very important email.

The results for the Battle of the Boroughs Music Competition that I wrote about last week were released today.

The Winners:

The Press Release

This is pretty much the most swagged out thing I’ve ever heard.

Sorry, lady sousaphone quartet, but The Method takes no prisoners. Chivalry is dead.

They are going to be very humble about all of this, but I will not. I’m shouting it from the mountaintops and I want everyone to hear my annoying, T-Boz-ish growl of a voice.

The final ULTIMATE BATTLE as they’re calling it is this Friday.



As someone who has never really won anything (and is thought to have been the losingest athlete in my high school’s history), I’m living vicariously through my 3 amigos.

If Dirk can do it, anyone can.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, I LIVE to put my team on. Especially when that team crushes life like these three.

Props to the parents of Andy Suzuki, Tebukozza Babumba, and Jason Gorelick for creating extremely talented children.

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1 Response to MANHATTAN: Andy Suzuki and the Method

  1. Jon Mitchell says:

    I quit that band once. Seems like a mistake.

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