Okay People, Let’s Do This.

I have purposefully been very stand-offish and relaxed about this whole Black Weblog Awards situation I’ve gotten myself into.

You know, the six nominations situation.

I don’t like bugging people repeatedly, I don’t really like hyping myself up, and I’ve never been a fan of asking for favors.

Then I woke up this morning and saw this:

Something about this sparked a fire in my soul and the brashness started to creep back in my system.

Maybe it’s all the Jay-Z I listened to over the past 2 months, but about 5 minutes ago I just decided that I’m just not going to allow myself to lose. No Chance. None.

So, for the next 36 hours, until 11:59 Friday night, I am pushing this thing like it’s my job. I’m calling on everyone to hop on board, to vote, and to basically go out of your way to help me win. I want people to lose sleep, sacrifice relationships, and potentially get fired because they’re pushing this so seriously.

It’s like that scene in Independence Day, when the Aliens are about to put the smackdown on Earth, and USA knows the only way to defeat them is to get everyone from all over the world on board and work together to preserve Mankind.

This is EXACTLY like that. I am mankind. All the other blogs are aliens.

After this 36 hour period, I will immediately go back to normal chill mode where I stick to talking about how awesome my friends are. I promise. But just let me have this.

The degree to which everyone will benefit from a win (or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6) is unbelievable. I don’t know how, but great great things will happen.

Okay, enough talking.



Category 4: Best Culture Blog – 500 Days Asunder
Category 13: Best Humor Blog – 500 Days Asunder
Category 18: Best New Blog – 500 Days Asunder
Category 20: Best Personal Blog – 500 Days Asunder
Category 30: Best Writing in a Blog – 500 Days Asunder
Category 38: Blog Of The Year – 500 Days Asunder


Rembert Molineux Browne II

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