The Summer of Yes 2011

The Summer of Yes 2011 is here and there’s no turning back.

This funcult, started by Aulden Kaye, Matt Solomon, and I in 2008, has been dying to rear its beautiful head again. Well, today is the day and we couldn’t be more pleased.

The jury’s still out on which came first, The Summer of Yes or Democracy, but as you can see below, they are set up eerily similar to one another.

Some weeks ago, I put out an All Points Bulletin about how we were looking for at least 10 new members to join in on the fun. In order to get in, all one had to do is fill out a questionnaire and impress the Executive Office of the Summer of Yes (checks and balances didn’t start until today… sorry I’m not sorry).

Fastforward to this morning and there were THIRTEEN beautiful people that have made the cut and, starting today, will have their summers officially destroyed by some combination of the three of us. Yes, there are a few friendships among the 13, but for the most part no one knows anyone. This is so good. 


1. Andy Suzuki

Why He Was Selected: Has a fan club, isn’t fully Jewish, isn’t fully Asian, has an arsenal of plaid shirts, loves to chat, always down to play sports, always down to freestyle, always down to eat everything.

Best Questionnaire Answer: Lowest Form of Education Completed? Blacktop

2. Kelly Hall

Why She Was Selected: That face, an affinity for roofs, a love of Robyn, a commitment to wearing dresses with pockets, a knowledge of Wu-Tang, a lover of making everyone grilled-cheese sandwiches, that face.

Best Questionnaire Answer: Length (in Kilometers) of the Longest Road Trip You’ve Ever Taken? Fade To Black

3. Alex Covington

Why She Was Selected: A better dresser than you, a better dancer than you, a better athlete than you, a better 4am pizza eater than you.

Worst Questionnaire Answer: Best Scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious? Every time Tyrese takes off his wife beater.

4. Ben Huff

Why He Was Selected: Doesn’t miss good concerts, huge nerd, front hair flip, great wardrobe of things I want to steal, shockingly photogenic sometimes, shockingly unphotogenic sometimes.

Best Questionnaire Answer: 5 Favorite Ways to Stay Out of Shape: Hanging out with you, Ribs, Videogames

5. Sarah Chavey

Why She Was Selected: MAYOR OF DETROIT

Best Questionnaire Answer: Best Scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious: All of them. But kind of none of them. But mostly all of them.

6. Dayna Carney

Why She Was Selected: Attitude, So much attitude, a unbelievably large amount of sass, main financial backer of the Jane Hotel, dedication to VH1 shows about uncooth, broke, famous-by-association Black women.

Best Questionnaire Answer: Name: Tina Turner aka Dayna Carney

7. Dunia Rkein

Why She Was Selected: In Law School… she needs this, a habit of wearing pretty things, a habit of being happy, a habit of smiling, a habit of adventuring, lover of the summer.

Best Questionnaire Answer: 5 Ways To Stay Out Of Shape: Shake Shack Carmel
Milkshake, Burger Shoppe Black and White Milkshake,
Brooklyn Bowl Jack Daniels Milkshake, the Milkshake I make
myself daily by adding too much Coffeemate to my coffee
every morning, Kelis’s Milkshake.

9. Grace McCants

Why She Was Selected: Demands fun at all times, has a zero-tolerance policy for snitches, is the perfect amount of ignorant.

Best Questionnaire Answer: Lowest Form of Education Completed? CLICK HERE

10. Greg Dona

Why He Was Selected: DJ’s everything I ever want to hear, wears the glasses I want to own, only true friend is his cat, is from Dallas, has Katy Perry on vinyl.

Best Questionnaire Answer: Least Favorite Celebrity? Dan Kagan

11. Aya Fujimori


Best Questionnaire Answer (of all time): Favorite Scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious? WRONG QUESTION. BEST SCENE IN FAST FIVE-  when the cops are chasing Vin Diesel & Paul Walker and the azn baby turns around to see the cars pass by…HAHAH nah that was cute but also when they jump off the bridge & the music stops. hilarity.

12. Andrea Parfet

Why She Was Selected: Has no filter, is the queen of Sunday brunch, keeping the “thumbs up” relevant in society, louder than most (put together)

Best Questionnaire Answer:  Name? Andrea Parfet aka DRE

13. Elyse Marks

Why She Was Selected: Wears rompers like I wear socks: every 3rd day, a habit of channeling Pocahontas, NOLA.

Best Questionnaire Answer: Last place you were kicked out of? A bar in Williamsburg, because I kept trying to steal their Christmas Tree.


So yeah, that’s that.

If you want to get involved, you 100% can, but it’s going to require some extra effort. And instead of just getting the green light from the 3 of us, it’s now become a crew of 16 approval process.

Did I mention these are getting made as we speak?

Don’t worry… they’ll say Summer of Yes soon.

Those of you who aren’t in NYC but sent in apps, you are honorary members and will get one of these bad boys upon your return to NYC.

For the rest of you that haven’t filled out an app, hit @TheSummerOfYes up on the twitter and we’ll send you one an application.

Also, follow us immediately.

That’s all.

Summer of Yes.


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3 Responses to The Summer of Yes 2011

  1. bookofanna says:

    very surprised (read: disappointed) that given the gay pool party, your summer job, and michelle obama you are not running a dc summer internship program.
    thats my application.

  2. Zac says:

    Dear Rem,

    I thought about doing something as ballsy as documenting a summer of Yes in Canada – but documenting it doesn’t even begin to cut it.

    Technically last night was the first night of summer of yes – we started it off up here with a 90’s dance party with glowsticks, pbr specials, both types of cheese puffs, and prizes for the best running man. I’m looking forward to hearing how summer of yes started in NYC.

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